TOPIC:  Linear Equations.


Algebra I. However, their use goes all the way into Calculus and beyond.


Here are some things to consider whether you are looking at an equation or a graph of a linear equation. Remember, the exponent/power of both x & y are to the first power. In Texan we would say,”


The x and the y both have powers of one!”

Equations of Lines_3

Visual information for your textbook and homework!

Here is a chart or guidline for finding the equation of a line when you are given certain information. The black boxes are where you start or as we math geeks/nerds may say, “the given(s).”


Equations of Lines_1

Map for finding the equations of lines


Here are some helpful hints/cheats when using the previous chart.

Equations of Lines_2

Hacks / Cheats for using the previous guide


I hope you found this somewhat helpful. This is a topic which won’t go away. You’ll need linear equations if you intend to finish highschool, go to college, or take a standardized math test. ( ACT , SAT, GRE , GED , EOC , etc.)

Thanks to my student Chris who inspired me to write these notes out for him. He has certainly come a long way!

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